Andrés Estévez

Antón Román Portabales

Simón Roca

Atul Pundhir
Reviewer Video Content Editor
Ardeshir Sepahsalar Vedaunsh Kawathe
Video Quality Editor Video Product Executive
Dinesh Chawla Shiva Kumar
Video Editor Project Co-ordinator
Nilesh Patil Aparna Nair
Voice-over Artist
Paul Bailey

About the Authors

Antón Román Portabales works as the CTO of Quobis. He is involved in the development and first industrial deployments of WebRTC-based systems, and has an active role interacting with vendors, operators, and the rest of the industry for leveraging WebRTC to offer new services and solutions. He is involved in standardization activities at the IETF. He has recently posted technical articles on and has participated as a reviewer on two books about WebRTC.

Simón Roca is a telecom engineer and is currently studying. He works for Quobis and is learning about WebRTC's commercial applications and internal operations. He completed a WebRTC thesis in May 2015.

Andrés Estévez works as the head of development for Quobis. He has almost 10 years of experience in multimedia-based jobs, the first ones being related to consumer electronics and embed devices, and now he is trying to bring that knowledge back into the basics of WebRTC.

Atul Pundhir has been a full-stack developer for about 8 years. Being a full-stack developer, he has worked on various cutting edge technologies on frontend, backend, and database sites. He has been involved in developing projects in WebRTC since 2012. He holds a master’s degree in computer management.


We'd like to thank our workmates at Quobis because working with them is an awesome experience. We'd also like to thank Aaron Rosario and Vedaunsh Kawathe. They gave us a lot of help and patience in this first experience of publishing a video course. The following is a list of some sources of information and tutorials, a crucial starting point for the details that backed us up with explaining this course:

About the Reviewer

Ardeshir Sepahsalar studied modern linguistics, middle-Persian Pahlavi, and speech pathology at the University of Minnesota. His love of ancient languages and comparative linguistics sparked his imagination, inspiring him to study parsing systems and natural language programming. He further studied C/C++ and the Perl programming language, which opened the world of distributed applications and furthered his interest in real-time software development, wherein currently he is experimenting with cutting-edge technologies such as Golang, Terraform, IaC, DevOps and cloud APIs.

Presently, Ardeshir is the Cloud DevOps Engineer at, where he works with distributed cloud application for use with TensorFlow AI research. He has also worked on other WebRTC books.

I would like to thank my mother and father, two loving people who taught me the value of persistence and love for learning. Also, thanks to my lovely wife for giving me the best gift of all, our two greatest joys—our sons, Kayhan and Anoush.