Developing Real Time Applications with WebRTC

  • Section 1: Introduction to WebRTC

    This section will give an introduction to WebRTC, defining what WebRTC is and what it is not. This section will also explain how WebRTC is different from existing technologies such as Flash or plugin-based solutions and give examples of things that can be done with WebRTC. The last topic we will cover will be the setting up of the programming environment that we will use throughout the course.

    • The Course Overview
    • What’s WebRTC?
    • WebRTC Versus Existing Technologies
    • Getting Your Programming Environment Ready

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  • Section 2: The WebRTC API

    This section will introduce the API exposed by the browser. We are going to deal with programming any WebRTC-based application. In the code, we will show examples of the use of different APIs.

    • The WebRTC Browser API
    • Using the getUserMedia API
    • Using the PeerConnection Method
    • Using the Session Description Protocol

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  • Section 3: Signaling

    In this section, we will discuss the different options we have for signaling to establish WebRTC sessions. We will also see why there is no mandatory signaling protocol. We will implement our own very simple signaling server in Node.js to establish the calls (in this way, we will use JavaScript for both the client side and the server side).

    • Understanding the Need for a Signaling Protocol
    • Knowing the Various Signaling Approaches
    • Need of Signaling Protocol
    • Programming a Very Simple Node.js Signaling Server

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  • Section 4: Putting It All Together — Your First Application

    In this section, all the elements coded in the previous versions will be glued together to create a functional WebRTC application.

    • Initiating a WebRTC Session
    • Receiving a WebRTC Session
    • Establishing Our First Session

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  • Section 5: Debugging and Improving Our Application

    In this section, we will mention the frameworks that can be used to develop JavaScript applications and the developer’s tools that will make your life easier so as to improve and debug your WebRTC applications.

    • Introducing the Debugging Tools
    • The Developer Tools
    • Using WebRTC Internals

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